domingo, 5 de julho de 2009

Lição de Comunicação - Guy Kawasaki

As respostas a Guy Kawasaki nesta entrevista são uma lição de como se usa o Twitter, e, mais importante ainda, uma lição de comunicação.

Alguns conselhos:

- I repeat a handful of my tweets because I don’t assume that all my followers are reading me 24 x 7 x 365.

- Asking me this (how long do you spend on Twitter every day) is like asking Tiger Woods how much time he spends playing golf: “It’s what I do.” If I’m on the computer, I’m on Twitter, and I’m on the computer eight hours per day.

- I’ve never hidden this fact (ghostwriters). As soon as I started it, I disclosed it (way back in January, 2009). My attitude is: “As long as the tweets are good, why does it matter who posted them?”

- Twitter is a broadcast marketing tool for me. This is why I put so much time, energy, and money (my ghosts don’t work for free) into it. The Alltop “advertising” justifies and pays for my tweeting—you can think of my tweets as PBS content and the accompanying Alltop promotion as the fundraising telethon.

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